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Dr. Frank Losemann

  • Frank Losemann is Managing Director at the Actisis GmbH. The Actisis GmbH is working in the fields of IT-Security und corporate Information Systems.
  • He is focussing on applied aspects of IT-Security systems and IT-Security architectures for enterprises. 
  • Since 1997 he is continuously  responsible for projects to protect  enterprise-wide Information systems at international banks and insurance companies.
  • Main focus of his work is deployment of Public-Key-Infrastructures in corporate environments and the links from technology, standards and information security management, policies and audits.
  • Further experience include project management and integration  of internet and security technologies in IT-Infrastructures.
  • Contact: via mailform or
  • Phone: +49 (0) 651 / 97551-60
  • Fax : +49 (0) 651 / 97551-12

Selected Publications

Frank Losemann:
Zertifikatsmanagement für große Organisationen - PKI-Aspekte in der praktischen Anwendung,
1. Auflage 2006, ISBN 3-8334-4611-0, ISBN-13 978-3833446115

Image of book's cover

Available at: Libri.de  amazon.de

Frank Losemann, Armin Ratz:
Konzernweites Zertifikatsmanagement - Fallstudie einer deutschen Großbank.
In: Peter Roßbach (Hg.), Hermann Locarek-Junge (Hg.):
IT-Sicherheitsmanagement in Banken. 1. Auflage 2002, ISBN: 393316561X.

Cover-Bild: IT-Sicherheitsmanagement in Banken

Available at: amazon.de