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Lock-Keeper: Security enforced by Physical Network Separation

A picture of the Lock-Keeper.

The patented Lock-Keeper system, developed by the Institute for Telematics in Trier, is currently manufactured by Siemens-Switzerland. Actisis GmbH is supporting Siemens in distribution and maintenance of Lock-Keeper Technology. Furthermore Actisis provides customized extensions of the Lock-Keeper internal filter mechanisms and supports the sytems integration into critical infrastructures.

Lock-Keeper Overview

Optimal protection of a computer network is given only by its total separation from other networks. This is exactly what the Lock-Keeper does. In contrast to any firewall system, the Lock-Keeper provides not only logical separation but also hardware  based separation of computer networks on the physical layer. The security level guarantied by the Lock-Keeper can be compared to the security provided by disconnecting the protected computer network from the unsecure network.

The Lock-Keeper system consists of three independent computer systems that are connected via a patented network switching unit similiar to a lock. Thereby the the network switch guaranties any time the separation of internal and external networks.

The Lock-Keeper sluit principle.

Lock-Keeper Core Interfaces

Lock-Keeper applications
Schematic diagramm of Lock-Keeper applications.

Features of the Lock-Keeper

Lock-Keeper Technology provides a mean to exchange data in a controlled manner between two network, whereby physical separation of those networks is guarantied at any time.

Based on the hardware separation principle the Lock-Keeper prevents accidentially as well as intendet connections between those networks e.g. by misconfiguration.

Lock-Keeper add-ons can be employed to achieve additional security levels e.g. by data filtering, ensuring integrity and authorisation with digital signatures etc.